Vasilis and I, Alex, have one big thing in common: the city we met in, Cluj-Napoca. It is the place where I was born and we both love it. Our love for this city inspired us to create this new project: “24 Hours In Cluj-Napoca”.

  Inspired by the great JACKSGAP, the video we are creating has the goal to show what someone discovering the city could do and see in 24 hours.

  We built a POV camera-rig that we are wearing around the city. With it we are filming what our eyes would see.

       You can follow the “Behind The Scenes” on our social media.


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We had the idea to do “something big” for a long time. We’ve been having long Skype discussions and we’ve been sharing ideas for almost a year. And by “something big” we mean something that would have an impact on people, inspire them, make them feel good. That is why we created Minds Of Now. Okay, we had the platform allowing us to share our ideas... all we needed at that point were, well, the ideas.

During a late night talk and video watching session: that’s when the idea came to us.  After watching JACKSGAP’s video 24 HOURS IN NEW ORLEANS and thinking that we were going to spend the rest of the summer in Cluj-Napoca, we said to ourselves: “Man! We love JACKSGAP, we love Cluj, let’s put those two things together!”

And this is how 24 HOURS IN CLUJ-NAPOCA was born.

Completing the task that was making this video was way harder than we were expecting.

Sending emails, making phone calls, connecting with the people that had the will and possibility to help, planning the shooting, finding the right lens for the right camera… a lot of things that we actually didn’t plan at first. And also building a POV camera-helmet-rig wasn't that easy. Pre-production was exhausting and production was… well, production was worse.

The thing is that we really love what we do but with four hours of sleep per night for 3 straight nights and a 3,5kg helmet-rig on the head from 7 a.m. to get early morning shots until 11 p.m. to get night shots, things were difficult but we made it! We shot in different parts of the city, going from place to place by bus, foot or taxi.

One of the best parts was when we received the permission to climb up the central cathedral tower. We felt as if we were in an adventure book while climbing up and the view from the top was astonishing!

We also got the chance to meet a bunch of awesome people from different parts of the world while shooting. People from France, Spain, USA and of course a lot of locals who were interested in our project.

Post production was easier… NOT! Searching for music because we found out that the one we already had wasn’t suitable, editing, preparing social media accounts… the job wasn’t done yet. But we kept up and we after some extra hours of work the video was finally done and we were ready to share it with the world.


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