JUNE 2016

Last week Vasilis came to visit me in France. One week before, he had told me that he wanted to visit  Luxembourg so we booked some train tickets from Nancy to Luxembourg City.

Two days after he arrived in France we left for a day-trip to Luxembourg. We had no plan, we didn’t know much about the city, we wanted it to be something completely new for us.

When we arrived, we took a little time to look at a map and then we started exploring. We wandered around for some time, we had something to eat and basically just absorbed the landscape because Luxembourg is an amazing city!

With a huge part of history, modern shops and cafes, it is a wonderful city to visit. Like history and art? There’s a large choice of museums. Prefer astonishing landscapes and old ruins? head to the “Chemin de la Corniche”. Still not your thing? Then go and visit the Notre-Dame Cathedral and get overwhelmed by its greatness.

See by yourself!


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