MessiniA's olive oil

    The Olive Oil Of Messinia is a documentary film created and designed to share the story behind the production of the olive oil in the Greek region of Messinia.

   When people hear about Greece, it is usually things like economic crisis, corruption, hard to manage refugee situation… This film has the goal to expose a view often neglected by the media, a positive view. To do so, it will explain the production process behind one of Mediterranean cuisine’s most famous ingredients: olive oil, as well as tell the story behind the people that work in the industry and produce it.


    The olive oil of Messinia is renowned for its quality, which is due to the outstanding Koroneiki olives yielded in the region. In Messinia, the craft of making olive oil has been passed from generation to generation and has now become part of Greek heritage. Even though Messinia produces only 45k tons of oil yearly, which is roughly 13% of the national production, it remains the best oil, internationally acclaimed.


      It would be a shame if the story behind this national treasure were to remain untold. The Olive Oil Of Messinia documentary wants to address this situation and bring to light the people assuring the oil’s high quality by their everyday work so the audience can learn more about this product, its history and its story.

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